Bully - Penelope Douglas The thing is, i have waited a long time before i considered reading this novel, thinking i had to be in a correct mindset to do so. Contemporary romance and YA is filled with cheesy cliches so much, it puts me off from finishing a novel. But this one i really wanted to finish, so i took a break from the genre a while and came back to it.

All in all, it was an ok read. I can see how people would love and enjoy it. I would have enjoyed it more if Jared was a decent male lead. I am going to proceed here assuming you have read the book. I have seen the general behavioral pattern trough Tate's eyes, and i geared up for the read, for the first part it sounded interesting enough. The story seemed to be solely focused on Jared and Tate, that's everything everyone ever talked about. I assumed that Tate would have some fond memories of her friends from Europe, since it was a full year off from the bullying that was so intense, but no, the author excluded what could have been an important stepping stone in character development. She returned to her school like the trip never happened. My question then is - What was the point of the trip anyway? Oh yea, to tell us how fabulous Tatum looks.

As the school year progressed, i found that i got bored with the story, and the reason why is simple. She did all the work. She found excuses for his behavior, she was hounding him, chasing him at every point. Crashing his parties, stalking him around. Although the author provided some insight in the reasons why Jared behaved the way he did, the insights came trough the eyes of Tatum. Jared did, oh so very little, to excuse himself, or to seem repentant. It was Tatum, who constantly ran after him that offered chances for explanations.

And her friend? K.C.? What kind of honest girlfriend would rub herself over a person that hurts someone she truly cares about? Even if it was just a rebound, there are plenty other fish in the sea. Then she even gets angry when Tatum says something. I thought she is going to be a supportive character throughout the story, but she disappointed me. Although, that is the sad true part of the novel and something that often happens in real life.

The 'dark secret'? I don't know why the hell it's considered dark anyway. It's not like bad shit doesn't happen to people.

I finished this novel like you would a lukewarm cup of coffee, not what you really wanted but it'll do. I still think that Jared is spineless, and Tatum needs to stop making excuses for him, but hey. I'm just a drop in the sea....

It wasn't enough, the author did too little to make me like the main characters, Jared did to much evil, and too little good to make up for it. I still don't understand how people like Murdoc wound up being her friends at the end with no atonement what so ever? It leaves the feel of desperation around Tatum to be excepted. She will forgive everything for a simple sorry, and a smile as long she gets the guy she wants. We all knew such females in our lives, and my question to you is this...what do you think of them?