Into the Dream

Into the Dream - Laurie Roma  This book was brilliant! And funny... and so much fun.

I don't know what it is with me lately, I seem to have this obsession with aliens and dicks. Maybe I'm just a perv. Maybe it offers more then your regular erotica? Lemme think,........yes it does.

Why was this one so different fro the rest? It actually had a story to follow, and it wasn't bad either. If you like Kaitlyn O'Connor and Laurann Dohner you will love this.

First of all, we got three hot guys involved. Gotta love a party, and they're pretty awesome too. Come up with things like this:

“Part of him worried that her body wouldn't be able to take his cock into her tight channel, but the Gods couldn't be that cruel to send him a mate he couldn't fuck.” :D

Nope, they sure couldn't, and worry not dude, because if they did, this would have been one short arsed story.

Oh did i mention they purr? Let that sink in for a moment...They purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Muscled, sex gods wrapped around you at night that rumble sweet nothings in your ear? Scorching hot! My husband is convinced that he does it also, but i still call it snoring.

The girl was fantastic, she had some kick to her, not your average dumb ho. She had fire, she had guts, and she wasn't hypnotized to submission by swinging balls. (pun may or may not have been intended...) She had an opinion that encompassed something other then sex, and wasn't afraid to let it be known, especially when it came to three guys who thought they could run her life:

Tynan, Cael, and Ryder all growled low in their throats. “Do not threaten us, mate.”
“Then do not say stupid shit, mate,”

One other thing that kept coming up in this novel, is her stomach growling. Damn, did this girl have an appetite. It happened so much, I had to pause reading just to eat a cookie. She constantly had her mouth filled with something. (yet again, the pun may or may not have been intended..)

I think the authors should stop talking about their heroines as this skinny model types, I mean, do they want us to feel self-conscious and hit the gym, or do they want us to sit on our asses and read their books? Kinda contra-productive if you ask me.

Plus of course, we have all the necessary cliches that follow a story such as this:

The tale of the giant cock! What is it with massive dicks anyway? An average vagina can accommodate 4.5 inches, without pain, so what the hell is it that you can do when faced with such a gargantuan problem? Ask your uterus to step aside for a minute? I'll agree, they're pretty to look at, but anything else??? DAYUM! Especially if there is ass play involved. Did i forget to mention there's ass play involved?

The thing that apparently all the erotica authors out there agree on is the necessary substitute to the horrid taste of human spunk. (can you blame them?) So always and I mean always, in these novels the alien come tastes like candy or chocolate. Witch got me thinking....

Remember all the UFO documentaries on TV? Those about abduction? Well next time we see a chubby girl trying to explain she has been abducted, we all will know what exactly she has been up to. Naughty girl!!!!

Anyhoo, it has been a good read!