Monster - Francette Phal I have to say that this was an EPIC love story. It was dark, it was gritty, it had a man i hated in the start that turned to be a character i loved.

These type of stories are hard to deliver, and Phal did it well. The emotional nuances were delivered with such an impact, i was reeling from them after i finished the novel. True emotional abuse, that was described just right, not over the top and not to little to make you feel that the heroine was overreacting. She was described as an interesting woman with really humane thoughts and emotions. I was drawn to her, to him and to the story. This was a damned good read.

The only problem i had with this book was the way it was written. It is clear that the author is eloquent, but the sentences in this novel would make a Shakespearean actor cry. Throughout the book, in certain places it seemed forced to that extent it sounded pretentious. The constant bejeweling of normal, non important sentences took away from the shine of those moments when such lyrical prose would make a deep emotional impact. description of how the MC wore his coat was followed with the same fanfare as describing the key points of his love affair. Think of it as glitter, in some places a sparkle or two will leave you with a glamorous effect, while if you freely shower yourself with it, you wind up looking tacky. Unfortunately for me the overwriting dimmed the sheer awesomeness of this story.

Still i will be reading more of her work.