Nero - Sarah Brianne I am not going to trash this novel because of it's classic cliche YA theme. Usually if i stumble upon a story that is juvenile i just pass it off as bubblegum high school drama and leave it at that. Suffice to say, this is a book written by young girlies, for young girlies.

This book however has two things that annoyed me to hell. Portrayal of the lead female character Elle and the actual writing, witch was atrocious.

I'll elaborate.
Both men and women tend to be misunderstood and underestimated because of their age, but they are far more capable and intelligent then we give them credit for. Emphasis on the capable.

Elle walks trough school being bullied to that extreme extent that it made no sense. I understand that high school can be very traumatic for some people, especially if you have been bullied. The author wanted to portray emotional turmoil and the feelings of isolation, but with the choices Elle made she didn't do her any favors. Even a kitten, young, inexperienced, uncoordinated has some claws to protect itself. The characters were overblown in their aggression, and Elle just stood there taking it all. It was actually Nero who first stood up for her and she beamed at him like a silly calf, never thinking to do that herself, she was so 'afraid' of any type of confrontation. The author shot and missed the target. This was a young woman, but she didn't behave as such, she was more of an infant that needed coddling. The naivete displayed by Elle was so great it was as dangerous as it was impossible. She would have known more about life simply by watching TV, let alone human interaction. I cringed to see just how pitiful and pathetic Elle was. It annoyed me, it upset me. She was worse then a beaten dog, and i can't say that endeared her to me. For a seventeen year old girl she had a shriveled soul and the intelligence of a child.

The classic maiden in distress. Now i don't mind a bit of maiden in distress, i am a romantic to the bone, but when the maiden is that weak that she needs help to breathe, i don't like the maiden. I would rather feed her to the dragon.
I truly believe that a little backbone wouldn't hurt this story, but in fact improve it. Women presented as slobbering idiots that forget themselves as soon as a guy bats his eyelashes grate on my nerves. Also when they are such imbeciles that they need a guy to find their self worth. Especially in high school. In fact a kindergarten child has more self esteem and shows more common sense. This isn't a historical romance where women swoon and have no rights, it's the 21st century.

About the writing....The author manages to transport us back in time, when indeed we sat in class trying to write an essay. In my head i keep hearing the professor saying, be careful! When writing in third person, make sure that you don't use the name so often when starting a sentence, and most of all don't string them together.

Small example:

Elle knew she needed help, and if anyone in this school could protect Chloe, it was Nero and his crew. Sorry, Chloe.
Elle sat down beside Chloe. “You better not be lying to me, Nero.”
Elle knew he had heard her; he nodded, not only for her, but for his crew to come over.
Elle whispered to Chloe, “It’s going to be okay. I haven’t let anyone in here hurt you, have I?” And she hadn’t. Elle did whatever it took to make sure no one laid a finger on her. Yes, that meant Elle got the short end of the stick in here, but Chloe got the shortest end of the shittiest stick outside of here.
Elle gave Chloe a smile when she finally answered, shaking her head no.
Elle could see the signal Nero gave the young blond one to sit beside Chloe.

And then, and then, and then, and then......

Bad form, that showed just how much the author was struggling to find the adequate words to convey her story.

Those two things killed it for me.