Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel

Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel - The Creator of Rich Kids of Instagram, Maya Sloan What we are staring at people is black and white proof that money doesn't buy class.

What is the point of this 'book'? People have tried to compare it to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and i don't see the connection. If this 'book' followed people on their road to success i might give it a honest rating, such as it is....nope....why? It has no MEANING.

Am I supposed to be impressed by twats that haven't made anything themselves? All that luxury and money has been made by someone else. Like watching chickens stuffing peacock feathers in their ass.

The only thing they truly have is good fortune of being born in the families that are wealthy. Easily enough they could have been born in some African tribe, starving all their lives.

Remember the Hilton sisters? They have tried to make a career of being 'born'. They did little else except being the Hilton sisters...and look how well that turned out.

Although money can be fun, this didn't entertain me. This 'book' like it's characters accomplished a big fat NOTHING.