Knight - Kristen Ashley I don't know why i do it, but i do it....Every now and then i slip up and give in to general boredom. I forget my promises to myself and pick up a KA novel.

And here we go.....cookie-cutter 'Insecure Assholes And Dumb Bitches Who Love Them'

Take a normal life for example. Get a man that walks all over the aspects of your social life, that tells you how to behave with your friends, what would you do? Get a man that tells you what to wear, how to behave, when to speak, when to dance, when to move, you would find it insulting. Infuriating even. Why? Because it's not attractive. The classic overbearing, control freak asshole is a story that is not that uncommon. We all know them, we've all seen them and i can bet we all pretty much felt the same. We felt bad about women putting up with guys like that. Because no matter how they try to explain their behavior, it boils down to their inability to face the world. The constant need to control everything and everybody says one thing. He isn't strong enough to take life as it is, and appreciate a partner with a mind of their own.

Ashley manages to siphon all her efforts into making guys like that cool. The only difference? MONEY!

See,Ashley is hellbent on saying that is not the case, but the meaning escapes with the constant description of how poor and pathetic Anya is. Her cheap phone, her cheap apartment, her cheap dresses, her cheap car. Then follows Knight's generosity. New phone, new dresses, VIP sections, free drinks... Again, Ashley puts all her energy into: 'I ain't saying she's a gold digger'...

If Knight didn't have money to lavish on Anya, their conversations would have been none existent.Scroll if you would trough the novel and see for yourself that before they got together, the only thing that was on the menu was Knight spending money. That's all they talked about. Furthermore if Knight didn't have his money, and still pulled the shit he did, you bet your ass that Anya wouldn't have been a puddle of goo, she would be calling the cops.

Ashley is even hypocritical enough to insert a friend of Anya's, Sardine or something like that, as an honest to God gold digger, and goes further, by blasting that kind of behavior on numerous occasions.

I didn't get the Alpha Male vibe from Knight, i got the Dominant Asshole vibe. I seriously found him lacking,in every way, shape and form. The whole sex thing?
"Who's your Daddy?"
"Are you wet for your Daddy?"
"Say, give it to me Daddy."

Oooh, and Anya:Yes,Daddy!

I got sick....

Anya is a moron. Vapid and superficial,the cliche super-hot girl that is blind to her own super-hotness.She can't for the life of her see what draws Knight to her side. In that Ashley did an amazing job, because i couldn't see it either. The depth of her conversation would bore an infant. Example:
'Oh God!'
'Oh my God!'
'My God!'
'Oh dear God!'

All those statements were overpowered by one more thing, the time she answered Kings demands with 'Okay.' Deep and meaningful, those one liners were not.

If there was a point to this story i must have missed it, probably because my brain cells got insulted by the needless torture that i have put them trough, and wouldn't let me process anything after a certain point. To them i offer my deepest apologies.

Ashley has a certain way she describes her males, and truth be told i liked some of her PNR, that is the only reason i keep coming back to her books. Looking for maybe one more golden nugget. I love an Alpha Male, dominant, powerful guy that knows what he wants. The difference in Ashley's leading men is RESPECT. They have none. They walk around, dragging their knuckles on the ground and grunting out commands, not respecting the fact that the women they are getting involved with have their own lives. They demand all focus to be directed to them, and relinquishment of all control, because they don't know how to deal with another person's freedom of choice. That kind of man is not hot. He is a pathetic weakling, and if a woman shows any sign of resisting, he bullies her into submission.

I get that there are people out there who like this kind of thing, and bully for them, but this is sooooo not my scene.

I like my men Alpha to the motherfuckin' core, not Assholes to the motherfuckin' bone. So i will be leaving.