Touched with Sight

Touched with Sight - Nenia Campbell The book was given to me by the author in exchange for an fair and honest review.

It's not a secret that i am a massive fan of Nenia Campbell's writing. Why? Because cookie cutter isn't her thing. She takes risks, dabbles in the dark and the end result is fun-fucking-tastic.

In Black Beast we had a young shapeshifter Catherine was struggling to lead an ordinary life, her form not yet settled, she had the problems of an young woman coming to her own. With all the troubles of a shifter trying to make it in the human world, she caught the eye of Finn, a witch inquisitor famous for his cruel and brutal pursuit of her kind. When Finn caught up with her she was exposed to his magical talent and his hunting skills of a different kind.

Touched with Sight is action packed, and fast moving. Good thing, because it makes you so engrossed that you wind up reading the entire thing in one go. The downside???? You finish way too soon....and then that groan comes out, you know the one when you realize you need to wait to get the next book. God i hate those....

Finn is my favorite type of character. He is an antihero to the bone. He is torn by his pursuit of power and his desires that can take away everything he worked for, and destroy him completely. These types of characters are Campbell's signature move. And honestly, she needs to stick to them, because she makes them so real they blow your mind. There is no such thing as a completely 'nice person'. Just doesn't exist. We are all human at the end of it all, and humans strive toward a goal in their life, be it considered nice or not. We all have that inner voice that we can't escape, that whispers sarcastic and inappropriate things that we would never say aloud. Campbell always had that rare talent to chose her words carefully when dealing with the inner monologue of her characters, that once you get to know them, you start to relate to them. In Touched with Sight we get even closer to Finn's obsessions, and Catherine's fear and pain as if morphs from pure hate to something new. Not love, not by a long shot, but a kind of begrudging tolerance as they deal with the dangers around them that are spiraling out of control. I don't know what to expect, i don't know what to think. There is no insta-love, there are no cliche's when you read a Nenia Campbell novel. There is no predictability, and because of that she keeps you on your toes all the time. Her characters are never one dimensional, never truly good or truly bad, so you never know how precisely they will react when placed in different situations. Expect the unexpected! What can i say? She has in a very short span climbed on the top of my list of paranormal/urban fantasy authors, and i just can't wait to get my hands on the next novel.

The plot thickens, even with so many things unfolding at the same time we are left with more questions then answers. Who is the Shadow Thane? Slayers are closer then ever, black magic boils in their dreams threatening to spill out to reality. Even as the uneasy truce between Catherine and Finn has it's benefits, the truth behind it is not so simple and painfully obvious. It certainly won't be tolerated by the Council. Two novels in and still so much to come....Bring it on!