Black Beast

Black Beast - Nenia Campbell It takes a lot for me, and i mean a lot to pick up an young adult novel. No i am not that old that i can't relate, it's just that i am tired of reading bubbly, high-school drama crap.

Let's start this review off by listing the things this novel didn't have.

1. A female lead that bemoaned her paranormalcy, wishing for a more humane existence.

2. The above mentioned female focusing all her struggles on first kisses and prom.

3. A friend who she was crushing on since, like, foeva. And! Finaly when they get it on....

4. A super-sexy 'new guy' in her class, that appeared out of thin air and has a distinctively European name, that matches his distinctively expensive European car, and his distinctively designer European leather jacket. All of this is necessary, of course, as it is a deflection method to avert interested individuals from his 'dark and troubled' and slightly 'unusual' past.

5. A triangle of such epic proportions that would make the one in Bermuda piss it's pants.

Nop....none of that....refreshingly this young adult, urban fantasy novel had something more.....a story!

This particular story is about a young woman named Catherine, who happens to be a shapeshifter, with a slight defect. She hasn't truly found her form, and as it is customary to have your form by the time you hit your puberty, this leaves Christine isolated in her shifter community. Since in this world all the paranorms are still in the proverbial closet, it leaves her feeling and behaving like a freak.

The shifter community is bound by tight laws set in place to curb their behavior and minimize any potential exposure to the general public. These laws are implemented by witches, who are shifters natural enemies.

Christine is young, happy, a bit of a rule breaker, and something in her family line causes her to get the attention of the chief enforcer of the witches council.

Finn....The more then 'slightly' sexually deviant witch with enough emotional baggage to sink the Titanic. Twice. Who happens to have a thing for furry young things. (Sounds dirty????Good, because it is!)

From there the story explodes in five different directions, packed with non stop action. There is a book involved,dark magic to the core. There are assassins and car cashes. There is a dark demonic presence invading dreams. Also there is a kitten.....that poops where it should!

Once again Campbell delivers a book that is truly entertaining and different, with characters that live their life in the gray area.They are not walking pillars of virtue and they are not evil, mustache twirling masterminds. Depending on the situation, they feel a wide array of emotions good or bad.It gives them so much more then those dreaded two dimensions.

....bit bummed at this point that there is yet no solid release date on the sequel, but good things come to those who wait.