Bleeds My Desire

Bleeds My Desire - Nenia Campbell MIND BLOWN!

If you are looking for a thousand year old, brooding 'dark' lord that get's captivated at the first sight at the sheer awesomeness of the heroine, by all means, carry on looking...this novel is NOT for you.

Welcome to the chilling world of Nenia Campbell! I cannot believe i haven't read her work sooner.

The scene is set in an dystopian world, where things go thump in the night! We follow Evie, a young girl sent on a wild goose chase with three of her friends by the elders of her village. They were sent off to the unknown to be vampire slayers, the protectors of the village from an ancient and powerful threat. However, the very first encounter with the vampires leaves Evie as the sole survivor, realizing for the first time in her life the true meaning of the word vampire as she is presented to one of their Lords named Adram.

This would be the part when shit gets real.

Campbell invites us to view the vampire world viewed trough the eyes of a mere human, witch in their world means as little as cattle. Adram embodies the true vampire from the old days, witch means he doesn't sparkle or whispers sweet nothings in your ear, and he manages to keep his shirt on... The author presents him in a true form of a predator, the kind that you are constantly aware of in the back of your mind, the kind you know will hurt you. It's chilling and inviting at the same time. His actions are unpredictable and explosive, keeping you constantly on your toes. Even as he controls Evie's life trough pain and cruelty, you could see signs of obsession tough his dark veneer and you can only grip your reader closer, waiting for what comes next.

The cliche lover in us wants nothing then to see him re-discover his humanity and spare Evie from his evil, while the story lover in us wants to witness the power struggle between a titan and a mere mortal continue. Campbell doesn't disappoint. Page after page I was left in suspense, not knowing what will come after the next corner.

Evie as a heroine rings true, and I loved her for it. Why? First, she's not a badass that always lands on her feet, no matter what, spewing dry sarcastic one liners on her way to glory. Second, she is not a delicate maiden whose beauty launches a thousand ships, and who constantly needs rescue from a valiant knight on his noble steed. In a world such as this, the knights are all dead, and the noble steed was most probably eaten.

No, Evie is a regular girl, with normal thoughts and normal human limitations. She is left to try and survive her captivity with nothing but her mind. This is where Campbell's writing takes the crown. She relays the subtle nuances of conversations and situations in a way that you can literally feel. There are no info-dumps, there is no time wasted on stating the obvious. The entire execution is flawless.

This was a fantastic read, filled all my criteria for an excellent PNR/UF. I won't spend any more time waxing poetic or giving out any spoilers, simply said this book is for lovers of a PNR that is slightly dark and different.

Nenia Campbell knows her shit!! And judging by the mother of all cliffhangers, knows how to make you salivate for more.

Can't wait for the next novel!