The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game - J. Sterling I suffer greatly with contemporary romance. I truly us so very hard to find a novel with a story that isn't solely about lust. When the novel's focuses primarily on an erect phallus and soaked panties, you get a book whose dialogue is written by hormones.

I don't find that hormones have a large vocabulary, or a large focus of attention for that matter. The conversation and inner monologue revolves about one subject - getting laid. I don't mind sex, actually the more the better but i need something in between, otherwise i feel like i am eating a bread sandwich. You simply have to have something juicy wedged in there or it's dry, boring and damned hard to swallow.

This book only gets an ok rating because of this - You know when you have a girl that likes a guy, but pretends to hate him? She will call him a jerk while she is undressing him with her eyes, she will tell her friends - "Omigosh, like, totally, i will never go out with him, not in a million years!" - while she will jump on every opportunity to be near him, she will push him away verbally while grabbing him by the arms and pulling him close....

You get my drift. Well, i find that kind of behavior juvenile, transparent, and very boring. It's like watching a bunch of 13 year old kids.

Cassie is one of those juvenile, boring, unimaginative, silly girls and when Jack singles her out, I just can't see why? She is nothing special, in fact she is so average i had to look up her name for this review, and i just finished the damned thing. That's how big of an impact she had on me.

I found that it's very hard to write a young adult novel. Majority of the authors out there don't seem to be capable to introduce that 'adult' factor to the novel. And no, I'm not talking about sex. So what we wind up reading is a bunch of corny high-school cafeteria kind of dramas, that - let's face it - weren't even that interesting when we were in high school.

But,hey i am not the one to give up, because there are always a few novels out there that are worth's finding them that's the problem.