Down to You

Down to You - M. Leighton I don't know why i have avoided this novel for so long. Could it be the blurb, could it be that the men in the novel were named Cash and Nash?


It sounded more stupid then it actually is, and I for one am glad for it.

The best thing about this book is the writing style and the heroine. I loved how the conversation flowed, it wasn't forced.

Olivia was a good heroine, not to Miss Perfect, not too stupid, and not too big of a slut.....mind she was a slut to bang two brothers (eeeeew), but not too big of a slut about it. If it makes any sense.....

Anyhoo, my expectations were low, so i was pleasantly surprised when the book didn't turn out to be the cliche contemporary romance. Just love it,when things turn out like that!