Carnage - Lesley  Jones This book gave me a catastrophic sodding headache.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS: You have been warned!

This story rubbed me the wrong way something awful.I HATE DOUBLE STANDARDS!

To get my rant you will have to read the novel first, because I won't get into too much detail simply the one that bugged me most:

When Sean cheated on Gia we were all supposed to boo and hiss, right? Especially because he put her trough hell on earth, that lasted four long years.

Yet, when she cheated on Cam, we were supposed to say what exactly? Awww finally they are back together. The one, true, unstoppable love that's bigger then life itself. Well I call bullshit on that one.

No matter who you love, or how hard, nothing gives you the right to treat people around you like shit, especially if those people only cared about you and helped you. Example - I adore my husband! He is the love of MY life! Still I don't find myself walking around, expecting the world to bow down and owe me favors just because i woke up in it. Sure, he isn't the lead singer of Carnage, but he did a Take That tribute once! xD (He was Gary Barlow, so in your face!)

For the first half of the novel I was riveted, until I saw just how Gia treated Cam.

Yes,yes, I know!!! Before you even go down the road 'but Gia told Cam that it will always be Sean for her', please be reminded that Gia also told Cam that as long as they are together they will not fuck other people. The author dragged us trough a gutter of emotional turmoil and angst, just to slap us in the face with the same behavior we were expected to condemn and abhor in the first half of the story.....I don't like being slapped, makes me want to slap back.

Gia is just as bad as Sean. No, scratch that, Sean was high and drunk (not much of an excuse, but there it is), Gia was simply selfish and didn't give a rat's arse about the man that dragged her out of the deep, dark pit Sean tossed her into. The only thing she thought about was herself when she cheated, lied, took Sean back to her place and fucked him again in the bed that was still warm from Cam's bodacious bod.

Love this quote:“I’m sorry Kitten, did I wake you?” For some reason, guilt washes over me as I hear Cam’s voice. I look down at my naked self and think about all the different ways Sean fucked me in my bed last night.

'For some reason'......riiiiiiiiiiiiight, I wonder what that could be, you hypocritical skank.

After Sean broke her in million pieces by cheating on her, you might think that she would have had strong feelings about the subject. Guess that road is a one way street.

The double standard is clearly visible here, Sean did a no-no, and that's bad, but Gia had a valid excuse because the author said that Sean is the love of her life, and not just that Cam isn't pissed,he's so devastated people are afraid he will off himself because of her, cuz she's speshul, and has big tits.

B*tch puhlease!

Cam, my advice to you is GTFO and find someone else, anyone else, I don't care how big her tits are, she a ho! Leave those two assholes - they deserve each other.