Zoey Rogue

Zoey Rogue - Lizzy Ford Do you want to know the most fascinating thing about this book? It has a publisher! Someone out there actually thought, this shit makes sense and yeah let's go with it.

This book made no godamn sense at all. The very first chapter, a girl is SNEAKING away in total darkness trying to avoid getting raped. SNEAKING, not RUNNING full throttle down a hill....manages to hit her shin with enough force to break it so bad it turns...black in a space of a few minutes??????? oooooooooookaaaaaaaayyyyy

Zoey is a half succubus or whatever and she fights incubus and their offspring cambion. Easy enough, right????


The incubus and the succubi are ENEMIES! So much so, that in the very first chapter heads were rolling, there was blood and gore and...you get my drift.

But dear reader if you would care to stroll just a few pages down you will find the leader of the succubi, walking around making deals with cambion. The incubus leader walking in the succubi command center like he does it every day and then waxing poetic how he has regular sex with one of his most hated enemies...and not just him, they all fuck together. Because that is what mortal enemies do, you know, when they are not killing each other.

The succubi are cleverly hidden in an elite school for girls, and they are all like....21 years old and hawt. Or not, you see they are supernatural so they could be ancient, but never mind, nobody will ever notice that people don't graduate from there. It's like, so totally elite.

Oh, did i forget to mention that there is energy and magic as well??? See we are dealing with a paranormal romance, involving two mythical races that sustain themselves trough sexual contact. Painfully obvious just from the incubus - succubus thing, but just in case we don't get it, or our minds get too stressed, desperately trying to make sense of the author's writing, she helps us back on the right track! By mentioning it in every sentence, sometimes more then once. Not just any magic-SEX magic! Gee...thanx!

There might have been a story in there somewhere, but it was buried under a mountain of inconsistent bullshit, so deep that even the Dwarves of Middle Earth couldn't reach it.

Another fascinating thing here is the raving reviews about this book. Everywhere you look it's this...

I know that people got their own likes and opinions and i am not dissing anyone that liked it, but it makes me wonder.....what if????