Blade Song

Blade Song - J.C. Daniels This was an ok novel. No more no less.

New paranormal series that follows Kit Colbana a Aniera-human halfbreed, who is an investigator, as she deals with her cases.

I am fond of kick-ass heroines and the situations that made them such, but in this particular novel i found that the author had some difficulties finding the correct balance of 'demons from the past' and 'hard kick-assery that resulted from it'.

As a result Kit read as a timid, unbalanced young girl, desperate for approval and attention. All of it was evident in the way that Kit communicated with the supporting characters. Whenever she was placed in a challenging situation she would trip all over herself to explain why she reacts the way she does, followed by a trip down memory lane. It made her character weak, and as such destroyed the kick-ass image the author tried to create.

The world-building was good, and set the stage for the next novel.