Dominic (Slater Brothers)

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I have mixed feelings about this book. In the first third or so, i loved how Casey stuck to her characters. Bee was a strong MC, and from it being a contemporary romance it read like a breath of fresh air. I loved how her characters stay true to their colors, and are not easily led astray. Dedication to beliefs, good or bad give the characters grit. Then it turned sour. The very same thing that got me hooked, annoyed me to the point where i reached the end of the book, i really didn't give a shit about it, the characters or what happens next.

The relationship between Bee and Dominic was explosive, but not in a good way, rather in an dysfunctional way. There was a point at the beginning where i felt for Bee so much and wondered if Dominic needed to be under some medication. She was a girl in her own world, and he came storming in her face and simply didn't leave her alone, but kept backing her in a corner. I felt her frustration and knew she was going to come to a point where she would explode.

The first few times Bee lashed out i understood her need for it. He wouldn't listen, he wouldn't back off, she couldn't have a moment to herself or go anywhere to get away from him. I would have punched the fucker too. But as the story progresses you see her lashing out at the smallest provocation. It came to a point where she BUSTED HER HAND PUNCHING HIM IN THE HEAD. That was just one of the incidents of her slapping, kicking, punching, shoving, and throwing things.

The cover of this novel is wrong. It should be Bronagh on there with her hands wrapped up. I have no idea who on this planet would stand by and laugh while a member of their family was constantly abused, like the Slater boys did. Perhaps they were amused that their brother was so taken by an ill bred bitch.

Don't get me wrong Dominic wasn't a poor baby either. There was a lot of this as well.

My point: ~Individuals who choose physical aggression to start, or settle an argument, are those individuals who are intellectually incapable to suitably express their emotions verbally.~

My respect for our leading lady slowly diminished with every bitch fit she threw. Her temper tantrums slowly chipped away at the depth of character originally created by the author. It slowly ate at me, for more then a good half of the novel, until it finally hit me. Bronagh is an asshole.

She was an asshole, her boyfriend was an asshole, and their immature shaite made me NOT CARE for the story.

To Bronagh and Dominic....