Until November

Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds I didn't get far... 2 things...

1.When a grown woman calls her father "Daddy" it doesn't sound right to me. Never has, never will. Instead of family fondness i get a sense that i am dealing with an immature, whiny, pretentious girl. Add to it the fact that she didn't even know her father for most of her life and it just gets creepy. A pet peeve of mine. A big one.

2. The second meeting with Asher. November just moved to a new town, and she just randomly takes her dog to a nursing home to 'visit the elderly'. Because she is so....................nice? Yah, i can believe stuff like that. That you would just randomly impose on an elderly person who could be suffering with a great deal of medical problems with your pet, who happens to be the size of a small pony because you are such a saint.

This book is not for me.