Taunting Destiny

Taunting Destiny - Amelia Hutchins Hot damn,son! If i thought the first book was good, the second one gave one severe case of whiplash. The story changed so many times in so many ways that by the end of it i was cross-eyed!!!!

It was hot, it was steamy, it was full of what-in-the-fuck???, it was fast paced and kickass!

Hutchins knows her shit, and delivers a storyline that is full of action, in-between parts that are full of sexy and the end result that is just mind-blowing.

There was only one problem....see a few days ago i have only stumbled upon her first novel in the series "Fighting Destiny", it blew me away. I had no clue that the second one was ever released. So today on my day off i trolled GR and just wanted to see when the second one was being released. To my awesome surprise it already was....

So i spent my day off not doing anything i set off to do, but instead i have spent it reading this book.... so what if i don't have any clean thermal socks in the dead of winter and will freeze tomorrow????So fucking worth it!!!!!