King Hall

King Hall - Scarlett Dawn I didn't know what to think of a book that opened with a subject of jumbo dicks. Apparently, everybody in that school is hung like a horse, because they are *mystical beings*, and that's just one of the perks. I was left to conclude that wielding of such powers needed stern education. Fair enough.

That being said, it was one of the rare mature moments of the novel.

We follow Lilly, a tragically elected queen of the weres, after the death of her mate Dominic. She is learning how to govern- this is my simplest explanation- with three other Prodigies, each of witch will led their own people. Ezra for the Vampires, Pearl and Jack for the Elementals.

Now allow me to say that this book had so much potential to become something good, to become a series that would grip an audience for a long tine coming. But it wasn't. The reason???? Juvenile, high-school drama. By that i mean overreacting about insignificant matters, without a valid need for such.

Lilly's mate Dominic dies right? After only a brief mourning period, she concludes that the only way she will ever have any joy in her life now that her mate is dead, is to fill the void by having random, meaningless sex for the rest of her life. Now, if we take in mind the very first chapter of the novel, and apply what we learned from it, to give us a sense of proportion, we must agree that it is indeed, a very big void to fill.

The newly elected Prodigies, strike a kind of friendship in witch they support each other, stating that there is nobody out there that could understand the pressure of having to rule. The idea is solid, and the argument made sense....if they actually did anything of the sort.

They were basically a bunch of young adults, in a school teaming up because their popularity is so hard to bare, and apparently is, equally hard to explain to somebody else. Huh???


This here is a massive wall that Dawn presented to her readers. She had a good idea of how her novel should go, just, didn't back it up with the behavior of her characters. I couldn't emotionally connect to a bunch of characters just because she claimed there was a deep emotional connection. I couldn't relate to a girl that states how lucky she was to have found her one true love(Dominic), how unbreakable and unique mating is. That the loss of him, brought her so much pain, a loss that will never be i couldn't relate, because in the same time she is flippant about casual sex, with random partners, that don't deserve an emotional response from her, because she's hurting.Like that gives her a green light to stomp on people around her. On top of it all, she has a full mental breakdown because she thinks she's ugly! Wait...WHAT??? Yeah, this is all grief about Dominic here...i can see it, plain as day. When she rubs her naked self all over Ezra, and thinks about his c*ck, yup, nothing but sheer pain there...

Look I don't mind sex in my books, and love my PNR's but this wasn't thought trough. It had the elements of being a quality NA story, but sadly it dealt with childish matters, in childish ways. The end result- BORING, CLICHE, AND UNIMPRESSIVE.