Archangel's Shadows

Archangel's Shadows: Guild Hunter, Book 7 - Nalini Singh, Justine Eyre I have to say that "Archangel's Shadows" for me was the worst Guild Hunter novel that was published.

I kept waiting for things to happen, for some fantastic action to take place, like it usually happens Guild Hunter world. It wound up being simply a romance novel. Now, i don't mind romance novels as such, but something wound up annoying me in this particular book. At the end of it i knew what that was.

Tortured soul syndrome...

Why does every female character NEED TO HAVE A TORTURED PAST in this series?

I mean, every single one has some demon in her closet that keeps haunting her and won't let go... Elena with her parents murder, Honor with her kidnapping and torture, Mahiya being a prisoner with her neck on the chopping block every day, and finally now Ash with her limited ability to share intimate contact and potential insanity...

Every single woman in this series is in the desperate need of Sir Flyalot or Sir Fangalot to swoop in and save her maiden hide.

What is wrong with just being mildly messed up, but normal kind of gal? you know? The kind that can fully take care of herself, and her business?

Just a thought.....