Wicked Misery

Wicked Misery - Tracey   Martin I stumbled on this book on one of the Goodreads ads and said what the hell, it seems right up my alley so i got it. Spoilers below, so you can't say you haven't been warned.....

The general concept of it is more then good, a solid background for a pnr series. But there were some really big issues throughout the novel that just brought it down. Lets start with Jess our leading character. So she is cursed, right? Right. Well by the end of the novel you come to a revelation that she is half satyr, or whatnot. So satyrs in our authors world use lust (as well they should) to gain power, or feed. They even have addicts to sustain them. Then why the Misery? Our leading lady uses negative emotions to get a charge. She can belt out lust like a bad breath on someone, bespell them for a while and let them go when she's done. I just don't see how misery has anything to do with it. In fact the life of a satyr couldn't be more removed from our leading lady and that is her heritage.

So the satyrs can control up to a degree how they can affect someone, but not shut their power off completely; so when in the midst of a burning city the satyr Dom, Lizzy grabs jess by the wrist, nothing happens, she is unaffected. And this is their Dom we're talking about, the most powerful one. But every other encounter with random satyrs had some kind of sexual awareness going trough our heroine, so much so that she made a solid point of not touching any of their kind. See what i mean? Small things in general, but meaningful.

The very last thing about this novel was the one that makes me doubt i will buy the next one out is....
That cliffhanger, of all the things possible, why in the hell that one? See it's the very first novel, with so many things left unexplained, throw in something that will make everyone's jaw drop to the floor and drool to find out what happens next.Her heritage, parents, murder, a million other things. Not sex. NEVER SEX. Of all the things possible, the cliffhanger is Lucen and her sayin' lets do it.


In PNR you either layer sexual tension, culminating in a fantastic display of sweat and writhing bodies, either in the same novel or trough a series. That is the reward for the MCs, and the reader combined. But this, THIS, just destroyed the entire thing for me. One can only imagine the next book, mind this will get published later. You fall out of the world of Wicked Misery and you need a startup again. Imagine the shock to the system when in the first five pages you wind up in Lucen's bedroom. In an even worse, more crappy scenario they are going to get interrupted by another paranormal urgency that needs their undying attention. And they are left unfulfilled...Yet again.... Spanish soap opera, move the hell over.