Magic Rises

Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews 2 miserable stars.

My favorite writing duo that can do no wrong crashed and burned in a most spectacular manner. This is their worst novel yet, and I put off the actual reading for a while because I have read the reviews and didn't want it to spoil the series for me. My original plan was to wait until they published the next novel and read them back to back. But curiosity won, and it ran the cat's ass over. Repeatedly.

Before I start my disappointed fan girl rant I want to lay the blame where it truly lies. The previous books explained in such great detail the mechanism of Kate Daniels' world, the People, the Pack, the magic and the Order. It was all governed by a set of laws that wouldn't be bent for the sake of completing a novel, but in fact were so important that they rolled over to the next one, and the next one until a solution to the existing problem was found. We all loved it! It was the reason why this series had such a strong fan base. Also, it's the reason why this book failed. The dynamical writing team set the bar high, and kept delivering with every new novel that they have published, until this one. It was rushed, not thought trough and landed flat. If it was only one or two things it could have been overlooked, but it was the entire story.

Here we go.....

First and foremost this novel had one thing that no other before it did. Predictability. Before Kate and the gang set off on their voyage across the seas Aunt B was giving the rundown of what Kate might expect. Hostility- check, Kate being a puny human- check, Kate not being fit to wipe the Beast Lord's arse- check, and a very not so subtle hint of another woman coveting the position of an Alpha in the Pack- also check.

And now.....Curran.....oi dear Lord! Curran....

One of my all time fave book boyfriends and I had to end our romance. I even had to feed him the old 'it's not me, it's you line'.

So by his own version of events, he is expecting some sort of an attack on Kate, knowing that there is a contract on her life. Okay, I am with it so far. Soooooooooooo he shows up, Kate in tow to a hostile new location and decides that the best way to keep her safe is to prove to everyone how badly he doesn't care about her, like the people wanting her dead will just turn around and say “well then, we won't bother..”. Even that I could stomach. But this is where the story turns a bit stupid. They are in a castle filled with shapeshifters, and there is a brand new kind of shapeshifter amongst them, winged, deadly, blah-blah. However, none of the shapeshifters that are extremly territorial, protective and so uptight about security that they are borderline paranoid do or say anything about it.

“Has anybody noticed the giant winged cat-lizard thingy that seems to prowl the corridors where we all sleep?”

“Why yes, yes we have but it's gone now.”

“Oh, is it? That's all right then. Have a nice day.”

Dafuq? Also, they keep getting on Kate's ass about her being a human and not worthy of a shapeshifter when in all she was the only one doing any work. By Curran's own words Lorelai or Lorelei, whatever, i'll just call her The Bitch. So by Curran's own words The Bitch is nothing, nobody, young, naïve, stupid and harmless and poses no threat to Kate, emotional or physical. If this is all true, and it is, how in the backward fuck did he just let Kate run around the castle sorting his troubles out? As it has been pointed out several times in the book, Kate is NOT a shifter, doesn't heal like they do, isn't fast or strong like they are, but it's OK to let her hunt down a brand new type of animal while Curran is busy keeping her safe by playing footsie with the milkmaid..... Doesn't add up.

The world of the Pack was so cleverly devised and explained that my heart broke for Kate several times. Curran ignored her, humiliated her, publicly insulted her and rejected her in the eyes of everyone around by giving her seat next to him, by feeding The Bitch from his plate, by ogling her naked. And what does our leading lady do?

With all this unfolding we come to a point where we find Kate in a tattered room sat opposite Laurence Fishburne. He gives her two options.

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in Curran's bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – we all stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth – nothing more.”

We all grip our e-readers, lean forward and watch in absolute horror as she gobbles down that blue pill without batting an eyelash. Keanu Reeves is so pissed with you right now Kate Daniels!!! Did you not hear??? Blue pill- the story ENDS!!!!

What the hell happened to the Kate that made Curran jump trough hoops because he stood her up? But now he insults her, feeds another woman and stares at her naked tits drooling and it's ok?

This is where the story crashed. There was great potential for Kate to go trough an emotional phase. By the authors words this is a woman that had a tough time connecting with people, had no friends or relationships. Even Andrea said that because of it she doesn't know how to cope. But she rolls over like a dog begging for a treat. She forgives him, no questions asked.... There should have been fight, she should have walked away. Remember the chase is always better then the catch. Instead we got a Scooby Doo ending. Everybody hugs and goes aaaaaaaw Scooby. I went aaaaaaaw, you fucking imbecile.

Dear Kate, you went from a fire breathing she-dragon to a beached jellyfish. Here is me poking you with a stick.

Long story even longer, this was a clusterfuck, a heavy blow to the series and by this time the authors know it too. My limited precognitive abilities prognosticate a new Curran edition coming soon 'Volume: Douche', or maybe the 'Psychological development of Giant Pussies in an Post- Apocalyptic world' in an attempt to make any of the previously mentioned a bit more believable. I doubt any of it will work. It was just too rushed and thrown together, maybe the reason was that they needed a filler for Jim and Dali's book. Whatever the reason may be i am still loyal to the series and will keep an open mind, but if it continues like this i just don't know. I hope it doesn't i really, really do.