Carter Reed

Carter Reed - Tijan It really wouldn't be air for me to give this book any official rating because i didn't finish it. In fact I didn't even get far.

I have read many of Tijan's novels and came to the conclusion that the main emotional focus for this author is ANGST. As much as possible, whenever possible. After the first novel i must admit that i was intrigued, but after the fifth i was annoyed.

Carter Reed is slightly different as far as i could tell but still i found that i couldn't focus on the story. Why? It would appear that Tijan couldn't resist the trend of sexual submission, and even though cleverly written it's problem is that it is just currently overused. Honestly i came only so far before I gave up.

The leading lady killed a guy and is asking for help, he asks her 'What did you do?' and moves closer, she gets instantly wet from his proximity. Then she gets disgusted with herself and tries to leave. He says 'Stop' and she instantly does, and gets even wetter. Then comes the inner monologue...'How come he has this affect on me?' That is the power of Carter Reed.

Tijan knows how to work the emotional roller coaster, but this was just so godamned cliche. I am honestly fed up with the saturation of BDSM in contemporary romances lately, and maybe that is the reason i look at this novel with a frown. So it didn't seem fair to give it a rating.