Sinister Kisses

Sinister Kisses - Adriana Noir Alright, i gave it a three star review because the plot deserved it. But this book did not deliver for me. I see a lot of references to alpha males in other reviews but i don't agree.

Sebastian is not an alpha male, he is a systematic abuser. As the storyline developed the one thing that was constant was his shortcomings. He is a person that for some reason or another (really not relevant here), needs to exert control over everything and everyone in his life. The way witch he treated Taylor is a classic wife-beater mentality. He kept applying pressure, some physical, some mental she kept apologizing at every turn for doing nothing wrong but breathing. The end result was that he took over her life, made her feel like shit on more then one occasion, made her doubt herself and all around. End result - she was completely dependent on him.

The only thing that the author squeezed in there was, well, he had money, gave her some really good sex, kept talking about that she is the only one, ever!!!! Aaaaaand, he was forgiven.

Sebastian is not an alpha male, he is a control freak, who found somebody to beat down so he can feel good about himself. This particular story wasn't dark enough to call it a psychological thriller, wasn't hot enough to call it dark erotica either. It left me feeling flat and uninterested.