Jaded - Tijan First of all, i love Tijan as an author. I believe the novels have an edge to them, and that edge sells because even in a young person's mind we have the element of reaching out to adulthood. It's not all first kisses and barbie outfits, and certainly not all innocence. The teen years are usually the most brutal on the path to developing in an adult.

Tijan has a way of touching every important fraction when writing the novels, the characters have depth and meaning. It's refreshing to find an author that delivers every time.

I've enjoyed Jaded but only up to a point. After i've finished this novel i've realized I just kept expecting so much more from Sheldon. The author described her as cold and uncaring. That was true, but i did not connect with her as i would other characters in the same situation. The complete lack of inner monologue and feelings towards anyone but herself made me not respect her as a woman at all. The story told us that Sheldon's parents weren't there for her, and that she grew up in a household lacking love and affection. I can understand that, and that the situation would leave anyone feeling abandoned. What i did not understand however, is why did she behave like she did? How many orphaned children out there grow up to be amazing people? The fact that your mommy and daddy did not cuddle you and left you alone in a mansion to do whatever you would like to do doesn't seem such a good excuse to label this girl emotionally damaged to the point of a recluse. It certainly doesn't give her the right to treat people around her like dirt witch she did.

Her two friends held her up, they were her spine when she had none. And she had none half the time. She wrapped herself in a world where she 'said' she did not care but in fact she did. In all the cruelty and the schooled bored expressions i just saw a young woman with a lot of potential and much more possibilities in her life then the average Joe, who did not have the guts to say Carpe Diem Baby! Truly there were moments in witch i thought that she was just too lazy to live her own life, and that made me sad. And queue the eye-rolls and whutevah-s.

I really want to know what would happen if her boys weren't there? Would she have no other option then to take a good damned look in the mirror???

But all in all it was a solid read. The story-line flowed, it was action packed and i would recommend it.