Broken and Screwed

Broken and Screwed - Tijan I am beginning to see a pattern in Tijan's writing. Angst, angst and soooo much angst.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes I did, but i found that there was so much unnecessary pain. I felt for Alex all the way. She was truly hurting. She lost her brother, and lost her parents to the pain of losing their child. She was stranded in limbo and constantly reaching out for a helping hand that never came.

I don't understand why she did not confide in someone. Tijan focuses on the very strong female as the lead of the stories, and those females NEVER confide in their friends. It ads to the character as a person that can endure more then someone else. In this book I thought that Alex was punishing herself by not letting herself breathe. Any normal person would confide in their friends, because that's what people do when they grieve. Alex had at least one friend to confide in, but if she had, she would lose that element of suffering in isolation. There is the same pattern that repeats in Tijan's books. In one way it ads to the female lead, in the other way, it takes away from her, leaving her seemingly unable to connect with other people.

Jesse i did NOT like. He was a weak person throughout the novel and there was more then one moment when i wanted to reach in the book and rip his balls off. He was the epitome of selfishness. He knew Alex was hurting and he knew her feelings for him, but he took care of himself first and foremost. Everything was about what he was going trough, without a thought of what his actions might be causing. By the end i just thought that there was so much against him that he just couldn't be redeemed. He is a weakling and an asshole. Alex could do much better.

This was a good read, and on the other hand it's becoming predictable. I swear, after all was said and done i needed a Xanax to get on with my day. Tijan covers some grave situations, but ads a lot to them. I need to read something about magical bunnies and singing birdies right now, just to feel human again.