Beauty and the Bad Boy

Beauty and the Bad Boy - Scarlett Dupree I really wanted to like this book. I really, really did, and there were elements that were enjoyable. But the story as it stood had more holes in it then a wheel of Swiss cheese.

So this was supposed to be a joining of an outlaw biker, and a sweet girl in a crazy romance. The blurb promised so much, and it kinda delivered, kinda.

Jake is an outlaw biker and as to his character, he was alright, as a man and a biker.

Dakota on the other hand. Lost her father before she was fifteen, got pregnant when she was fifteen, lost her husband and her child, in about four years that followed. That was good stuff. It would land her close to twenty and with so much life behind her. But!!!!! She is a college professor teaching ancient Egypt, excellent marksmen with a gun, rifle and BOW?!?, brown belt in Krav Maga...hmmmmm. Guess she never had to suffer any of those little problems called life and a newborn.

There was even a scene after they had sex for the first time and she said to Jake that she teaches in a college. She said she doesn't want people to know because she doesn't want to be treated differently. So what if she was an 'intellectual'??? Pretentious much?

Now the reason i quit after 60%. Storyline, storyline, storyline. We are dealing with an outlaw motorcycle club. Sexist by default and all about respect. Yet we find Dakota constantly arguing with Jake, talking back, and doing her own shit.Yet the bikers love her and treat her like their baby sister that they would like to fuck. He tells her on Christmas Day, there have been some people killed, lay low. So she goes to a Krav Maga session, yap on Christmas Day, not answering her phone for hours. He tracks her down, and she gets in his face, i won't be protected, mind your business blah blah. Jake keeps running after her and apologizing constantly for his behavior. He did however see the woman he once loved raped, beaten and killed... Dakota emasculated him at every turn.

In a time frame of a few weeks, there is a pile of dead bodies, an actual shoot-out at the clubhouse, she kills a guy with a shot to the eye and no police, no nothing. By Jake's own words, this is an outlaw motorcycle club, and i am sure as hell that the cops would notice a shoot-out, but hey...

It dawned to me then.....why the hell am i reading this???

This book had so many well thought trough elements, and a potential for an awesome story, but the rest was just thrown in there.