Irreparably Broken

Irreparably Broken - K.J. Bell I really did have all sorts of mixed feelings regarding this book. I loved it to begin with, it confused me after i have passed half of it, it disappointed me two thirds in, and annoyed the hell out of me by the end.

It wasn't too obviously written, and that was my main reason for finishing it. There weren't flashing neon signs saying oooooh chica, watch out, this shit's bout to happen.

The story was an alright but i have to correct the blurb, it was so not about the two brothers at all, well maybe a bit in the end. I think that Harrison (the third guy) got more spotlight then Tug. And with all honesty he should have gotten all of it from the beginning.

Brady i hated with a burning passion of seven suns. I get that he had some shit happening in his life, but how big of a pussy was he??? He did nothing but cause trouble and run away when things became difficult.

Tori wasn't the brightest bulb on the boardwalk either. Trough all that has happened i just don't know how on earth do you live in someone else's house when you know they don't want you there????

There were a few elements to this story that were too far fetched and killed an additional star to this review.

This story left me uninspired, it was alright but nothing to gush about. I will forget it tomorrow. Would i recommend it? Sure, if you got time to kill and let your mind wander at the same time.