Amazingly Broken

Amazingly Broken - Jordin Williams Maybe i've read too many contemporary romances in this half of Anno Domini 2013, but for the life of me i just couldn't get into this book. From page one, chapter one I have known what was going to happen and i forced my eyes to follow the pages out of sheer boredom. The novel itself did not release me of it but in fact added to it so at the end of my day i had nothing to show for my efforts.

The characters were boiled in lukewarm water, not crispy, not over cooked just bleh. The story provided little in seasoning, nothing spicy to be sure just your average chicken noodle soup. Bland as hell.

I see others have enjoyed it, I haven't but i haven't hated it either. Just plainly nothing in this book captivated my imagination for as little as a minute.

Ah well, we live to read another day.....