Wanderlust - Skye Warren Jesus Christ, this story was an emotional whirlwind. I have read quite a bit of dark contemp erotica recently and they sometimes left me with a bad aftertaste, or a need to have a Xanax chased by a glass of wine just to breathe again.

When i read the blurb for this book i was intrigued and braced for another angsty beat-me-down-and-love-me-cause-i-need-it type of story.

Well, I was wrong, and I am glad that i was wrong. This is a fucked up story, it really is, and somehow i am left wondering just how the hell did I come to name a 'snatch and rape' story in one of the top "Feel-good" books of 2013????!!!

Warren did some good writing in this one, it was highly sexual, without being oversexed, dark without being brutal, deeply emotional even in it's ugliest bits....

This book blew my socks off, and i loved every minute of it.