Broken at Love

Broken at Love - Lyla Payne Ok, I guess this is another one for me that goes against the flow. I got this book because of all the good reviews and i regretted it.


Well let's review, shall we?

From the very first pages we meet Quinn, our leading man. A pretty rich boy who had ran away in a sense from his father by immersing himself in a tennis career. But he had an accident, and messed his knee up, so he cant play any more. His version of Ana Kurnikova dumps him and he hits a low point in his life.


He gets himself involved in a manipulation game with his brother Sebastian and the rest of his frat minions. Now the way Sebastian was portrayed reminded me of a evil little hunchback, always lurking around in some dark corner, cackling with evil glee every time a hot girl crossed his path. But we're moving off the subject.

Point one that gets me with this book: All the girls, and i mean ALL OF THEM except of our unforgettable leading lady of course are dumb in one way or another. I find that annoying. God forbid that she would have any competition in any aspect.

Two: The "romance" build up between Quinn and Emilie was so lame, it hurt my eyes to read it. Let me explain...

They are sitting at the beach, having a normal conversation, the type people would have when getting to know one another. Just chit-chat i guess, nothing deep and inspiring. Regular stuff and Quinn turns to Emilie and says something down the lines of: "Wow, you surprise me. you are so different then any other chick..." DAFUQ, SERIOUSLY?????

I lost the point at that time that the author wanted to make. That all the other women she envisioned as characters in her novel are a bunch of mindless cows that can be lead around by nothing but a guys good looks, or that she's just shit at writing. Either way, i was not impressed.

The third point was the morale of the story: Let's face it, Quinn is a douche bag, spoiled little rich boy with daddy issues that picked on other kids because he could and because it made him feel better about himself. Hey his life was shit, so why would anyone else around him deserve to be happy? And women, yes, the evil women need to suffer because he got dumped at one point and he can't live with that. Oh, grow the fuck up.

What happened between the two of them was not earth shattering once in a life-time kind of romance. He regretted his assholish ways because he eventually liked her... wow, how original.

I am getting seriously tired, of the virginal, "can do no wrong", absolutely stunning heroines, with great big doe eyes, and the bad boys who love them.

I am so very sorry, but this book delivered nothing new and exciting. Everything was so predictable, including the little sister who died, for the added emotional kick.... Cliche.