Cold Hard Secret

Cold Hard Secret - Sierra Dean I was so happy to get this novel in my hands, I absolutely love Sierra Dean's writing. Secret is one of my all time favorite paranormal kickass queens. But, i must admit, i didn't read it with the same enthusiasm as the rest. Why? I heard it trough the grapevine that the next book is the very last in the series. I needed to confirm it, and I got a resounding Yes! Straight from the mare's mouth, as it were.

Reading 'Cold Hard Secret' I thought of so many different stories in Secret's life yet unwritten. The ground is set for a series that can easily continue for at least another eight novels. Sadly, Ms. Dean sees fit to lay Secret McQueen to rest, and in the next installment we are all to say goodbye to an amazing series.

This novel was slightly different from it's predecessors, as Dean lays the ground for the inevitable culmination. It was in no way any less action packed, but it swung a deep emotional punch. My heart constricted reading Holden's words to Secret at the barn. And again i thought Why? Why? Why? Why on earth does it have to end?

The chase after Peyton and Mercy was amazing. Fast, bloody and dark. Just the way i liked it. Stig...Oh my God! Stig is the father of all mind-fucks in this one. I left my jaw at the floor after that bit. (and again i thought that there is so much more potential for this series)

The cliffhanger promises a grand finale of epic proportions, as Secret has to fight for her life, her city and her happiness. It will undoubtedly be the best McQueen novel written.