Stray - Rachel Vincent I was undecided on the novel until i got about half way trough with the second one. I left it that long because i had no idea what to label it. It was a love/hate relationship from the start but now i know that i love to hate it.

The main reason is Faythe the female lead. In this book she is one of the few rare tabbies (female were-cats), and she wants away from her Pride. She had a nice life set up for herself in college, a human boyfriend and a future.

Then her father decides she needs to come home, because tabbies have been going missing.

Now this part i understand and was sympathetic to. She wanted a life of her own, and was fighting tooth and nail for it, and i say go for it girl.

But as the novel unraveled i became more and more annoyed with Faythe. First of all, she kept referring to her father as `Daddy`. At all times, in all situations. It gave an illusion of a spoiled little girl, stomping her foot if she didn't get her way. I would have even forgiven it if she did not turn to be in fact a spoiled little girl who stomps her foot to get her way.

After she came to her father's ranch and in the events that followed, she completely forgot her human boyfriend Andrew, because she was busy juggling two more men. In the second novel that comes back to bite her on the ass.

She acts without thinking, she speaks without thinking, and her humor is equally elaborate as in an old 80's sitcom. After i read a line of her supposed humor, i kept waiting for someone to cue recorded laughter. It was that unimpressive and that lame.

The Shifters novels have a great base for a very good PNR/UF series, but the author focused on some pretty small details to be the main event in the novels. I abandoned this series after i've found out that Faythe is the main focus. I simply don't like her.