My Familiar Stranger

My Familiar Stranger - Victoria Danann I have seen so many good reviews for this novel I've decided to give it a try. The blurb sounded promising, and as I've read on i liked it. A lot...

The first 50% of the book was really well detailed and i found myself immersed in a new life of a girl who found herself in a new world. She seemed nice and i was sympathetic to her difficulties.

But then....

As the story progressed i realized that she could do no wrong. She gets warned for her own safety NOT to do a certain thing. She does it anyway and offers an explanation as cool as you please. It's logical, so ok i could understand it...first time.....but then it happens the second and the third, and it becomes annoying after a while. She is too nice, too perfect, too pretty, too feminine. There isn't a thing that she isn't capable of doing and it is all flawless.

Second thing that annoyed me to no end was the fact that she killed a vampire with a toothpick!!! A GODAMN TOOTHPICK WITCH SHE THREW LIKE A STAKE!!!!
Now i followed the story and yes, i understand what the author wanted us to believe with the molecular density and whatnot, but seriously???? Even if she could throw a pick-up truck without batting an eyelash, there is no way she could toothpick a vamp to death.

Third and the most important....... She gets fed aphrodisiac in a bar, she gets hot and heavy and winds up shagging a guy all night long.... I say good for her, but not....why???


She was supposed to have had sex only one time in her life. A less then one minute cherry poppin' nookie. So she is inexperienced, but knows how sex feels like. So she goes for an all nighter with a well endowed sex god and she wakes up not remembering anything......and she can't connect the dots.....*sigh*
I dunno your definition of aphrodisiac but it sure as hell isn't spanish fly on steroids plus a date rape drug.

To sum it up..This was a fabulous book, if only the main female lead died at the beginning, it would have been a 5 star review.