Secret Unleashed

Secret Unleashed - Sierra Dean Dean does it again. I've read this book a while ago but just got to the point of writing the review.

I love this woman for the way she writes, in every other series with reoccurring characters you find that by this point it all gets watered down a bit, but not with Dean, she just keeps on bringing out the awesome.

in this particular novel we deal a bit with Sig, a helluva opening there for the next one. Sig the pervy Did not see that one coming, did you????

And Lucas godamn Rain, keep going back and forth with him, half hoping he will sort his shit out, and half wanting to dropkick him in the nuts. Well at least Dean sticks to her characters in a very real way that people don't change that often, or so easily or we would all live magic lives.

Hope Des gets some attention soon, he's my fave guy here and i feel like he's been neglected a bit. *sad face*

What is there left to do???? But sit and wait for the next one????