Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde Here it is. I've waited for a few days before I've even considered writing this review. It bugged me that much.

First of all, let me say that i absolutely love bikers and their world. Have done so ever since I've read a novel based on a true story about an undercover cop getting involved with a biker gang. The organisational construction of MCs is amazing, like a world on it's own.

The author got inspired by the same book, based on the phrases used in this novel. Only it wasn't mind-blowing, just the opposite.

The story follows a woman that leaves her abusive husband and moves in with her brother the stoner in his trailer. Within a few days time the Reapers arrive and she is introduced to a guy named Horse. He paws her within minutes, now i know that this is an erotic novel but it didn't read as one. Why????
Well, Horse treats her as trash, and she behaves like one. She jumps at every command like a good woman is supposed to. She makes their lunch, dinner, gets them drinks (usually on her own expense, and she lives in a trailer for god's sake, she can't afford that shit!) and then preens when she is tossed a compliment on her cooking. Very low self-esteem. So onward we move....

Horse is telling her pretty much that in his world women do what ever they are told and is trying to explain to her that if she is considered property that something like that is a good thing then offers her to become his property. She disagrees, and blows her casket when she realizes that the term he used for her in their time together actually means whore! So they have an argument and go their separate ways.

Some time passes in witch she texts him constantly, gets drunk, texts him some more. I mean really, I felt sorry for her. He doesn't respond but turns up with his friends when they discover that her brother has been stealing from them. Her brother has to get the money back somehow, but Horse tells her that they won't hurt him as much if she goes with him to be his live in slut. No attachments, no nothing, just fucking.. And she's all for it. I couldn't imagine a woman out there that would want to be this chick.

I don't see the sexy elements in this book, it's sad. It shouldn't have been named Reaper's Property, it should have been named White Trash Beautiful.