Captured - Erica Stevens This book is so badly written my eyes hurt.

Maybe there is a story-line to follow but i missed it because i was focused on so many godamned mistakes.

The description of this book was promising. It sounded dark and intense. My kind of PNR. Well it's not.

Big no-no's were made by Stevens:
Repetition, repetition, repetition..... Practice makes perfect but not when you're writing a book.

The phrase: "...she jumped slightly..." was mercilessly repeated to the point where i was expecting it at every turn.

The heroine is a part of a resistance fighting for human right to live and whatnot, she has no fury, she has no passion, she has nothing. She is meek and docile as a lamb and thick as a brick. She supposedly spend her entire life hating vampires and fighting for survival but you couldn't tell that from her behavior. I stopped reading at 50% and i can tell you that nothing of consequence happened.

Then there is the fact that our heroine lived in the forests while vamps live like civilized people. Fine, but she can't go from the point of being confused by a fork to the point of arguing certain aspects of civilized life with the prince. The world-building is nonexistent, the characters are all over the place. I truly hated this book.