Midnight's Daughter

Midnight's Daughter - Karen Chance This is my second attempt to tackle down Chance's writing. I tried her Cassie Palmer series and got bored. Dorina Barsab followed closely in it's footsteps.

Chance invests great thought in her story, and it's evident. But i just couldn't keep my mind on the book. The more i read the more i found my mind wandering and focusing on things like; stuff i had to do around the house. Not many books out there get me to do my ironing, i'll tell you that.

So now, my ironing done and the book finished i am left unfulfilled. This story has left me indifferent.

I don't know what went wrong and where precisely. Dorina has all the potential of being a great character but she doesn't deliver. She is not awesome, she is not horrible.....she just IS.

There is only one aspect of this book that i found annoying and that would be how many people Chance dragged trough the sands of time. I mean it's not unusual in vampire novels to find a character that is a blast from the past but this was too much.

Dracula, Casanova, Rasputin, Marlowe.... it just sounded pretentious. It was screaming- I took history class and remembered stuff!!!!

I heard her books pick up, maybe i will try another down the line, but deffo not yet.