Reflected in You

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day By the time i finished this book i was in knots.

The sequel left the first book on the ground while it launched into orbit.
It was deep and dark, erotic and heart-breaking, clear and completely confusing.

Basically it was fucking AMAZING!

Eva is one tough cookie, dealing with her past life, her job and a relationship that left her stranded on an uncharted island called unconditional love. She has balls. To deal with so many different situations on face value alone when there are so many indications that the person you love is untrue. The very fact that she had so little to go on and still did the best she could for the people in her life was inspiring. You don't see much of that in this day and age anymore. People tend to protect themselves at all costs. She rocked the book!

Gideon didn't do any less himself. There were moments where i would have liked the opportunity to reach in and bitch-slap the guy for demanding so much and giving close to nothing in return but by the end i was like: You're creepy at moments and high maintenance all the time, but i like you a lot!

Here is a good one about Day, she doesn't leave her books at cliffhangers and i love that. In fact she leaves them at positive endings, with the main event of that book pretty much closed so i wonder what will be installed for book 3.

I can't say i am waiting patiently (got no patience to speak off) but when you are left with no choices.... :)