Archangel's Legion

Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh I love Guild Hunter series, and i have re-read most of the published novels. But this particular book annoyed me. I could go into details but i just don't have the willpower. Suffice to say it was over the top. You know the new movie that everyone raves about??? Millions of dollars spent and the trailer looks so fucking amazing you just cant wait to go see it???

And then you get there with your drink and popcorn all geared up and it starts, explosion after explosion, one special effect after another until your mind says to you, dude this is such absolute bullshit.

There was just so much going on, all the time it lost a helluva lot of the true essence of the guild hunter series. The dynamic between Elena as the human woman sucked up into the world of the paranormal was gone. Everything was about the angels. The dark underline of Dimitri's and Venom's teasing is gone. She was like plain can-do-no-wrong Mary fucking Sue. And the Legion at the end. Overkill......

I think it's about time we wrap Elena and Raphael up.