Truth - Aleatha Romig Soooo, Tony's revenge went perfectly!!!!

Claire is rotting in prison, his cogs in the evil vendetta machine are still turning.... People will PAY!!!!

After the start of this book i strapped myself down for a showdown of the century. Tony was the cruel, manipulative bastard in book one, now was time to even the grounds!!!! Claire was on the move and this was going to be EPIC!!!!!

Wishful thinking....

By the time i was done i hated Claire bloody Nichols and the horse she rode in on.

Allow me to elaborate:

She gets out of prison, and goes to California, to see Simon's fiancee and to plan her revenge against the bad Tony R. She suspects that Tony had something to do with his death. She makes some progress, Tony closes in on her. Nervousness fills the air, the situation is charged.

They met on several different occasions and discussed what he did to her. First, she did not think about personal safety (like telling somebody to stand by in case he would try to pull something, i mean he did drug her once before and carted her off). Second she never thought about getting a small pocket sized recorder for any of those meetings. And he had shitloads to say. I dunno about you but common godamn sense of preservation should be enough to get you thinking if the colorful past wasn't enough. The time in between she spent wishing that she had something to hold over him. No....DUUUUUUH????

Tony, however, in the outside world displays new characteristics that even some James Bond villains might be impressed with. I mean the man knocks down firewalls of Internet Gaming Companies like they are made of paper, keeps close tabs on his ex-wife and all the other players in his revenge, manipulates Claire with a bat of his eyelash, runs his billionaire empire,crashes websites by whim alone and holds the world press in the palm of his hand!

*queue music from Tomorrow Never Dies*

Yah, this about the press.... Claire is so upset that he can make her story disappear. Dafuq? She spoke to only one reporter, only one... What happened to the others? She wasn't hounded by anybody else about her exclusive story, even though she was creme de la creme of the rich, and had a scandalous past. They should be all over her like white on rice. And i don't care how fucking rich you are, you can't stop gossip magazines from rolling their ink. Freedom of the press and all. But noooooooo. Tony managed to deflect one story and Claire was dismayed.


But true to his old character Tony sneaks in her flat and rapes her. To prove to himself, to her, to us, that she belongs to him.

In the meantime she develops a relationship with the beautiful and most importantly NORMAL Harry.

Of course that didn't last. Tony pulled Claire back in his web, and she followed his rules like an automaton. Appearances, don't make any private matters public. She nods her head like a stupid fucking idiot she is. Many times she could have just called out, twisted her arm away. Sprayed some pepper spray (witch she never bought).. Aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh.

I don't see their romance, i am sorry. I will NOT vote them the couple of the year. That is still the man that kidnapped, raped, brutalized, beaten and humiliated her constantly. And she gets all calf-eyed.

And he is not sorry at all. He is just selfish. By his own admission, he would have had no problems killing her or her sister if he did not fall for her. Love apparently did not have the same effect on him as it does on normal people. He doesn't give, he takes. She lives, because he has the hots for her. Lovely....What women out there wouldn't melt?

She wound up pregnant with Tony and runs away for her own safety, because Tony can't get over his revenge.

His motive for this revenge? His grandfather made some illegal moves while building his empire and got busted. He died in jail. Tony promised that everyone involved in his demise would pay, and their children, and their children's children....... see what i mean???? Everybody else has to pay their due but not good ole Tony or his family.

He is a mean, spoiled brat and a bully.

All this stupidity gave me a headache.

There is a third book, and with all honesty i don't give a rats ass what happens.