Romig deserved it. She really did, it was a mind blowing experience. You did not know what would happen next. I could not predict a single thing. The overall experience after finishing this book was what dafuq just happened?????

But certain elements of the story were so wrong they ruined my initial decision about a full 5 star review. After the book was done i wanted to plant my ass in front of my computer and wax poetic about it's incomparable awesomeness and amazingness. But instead i left it for a day and thought about it. The more i thought about it the more it felt wrong.


The story follows Claire Nichols as she wakes up in a strange house with very little memory of how she got there. She remembers Anthony Rawling, the man she met at work and had a few drinks with, and lastly signing her name on a bar napkin. As her memory clears, she is aware that she was brutally raped, repeatedly, and beaten.

Long arsed story short: Anthony tells her that he bought off all her debts, which were substantial and that he owns her until he deems her debts paid. So this is the story-line i could follow. My heart went out to her. She was trapped, locked in and abused constantly.

This went on for months.... AND IT EVEN CULMINATED WITH SUCH A BEATING, SHE WAS NOT REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS FOR 2 WEEKS (let's call a spade, a spade, and say a fucking coma)

Certain nuances of their relationship changed trough time and he became a bit more tolerable. She was still in his "debt", but he wasn't using her as a punching bag as often. (aaaaaaaawwww how sweet) Now this is where the "romance" was supposed to happen. I did not see it. She said she was falling in love, i said "battered wife syndrome". And hoped to Dear Sweet Merciful Lord from Above it would end at that.

Of course it didn't!

The process of her imprisonment was about 9 months long in witch he did not allow her any contact with anybody, unless supervised by him. No phone, no internet, limited channels on the TV.He referred to her kidnapping as acquirement (like she was a godamn chair), and his beating her to the inch of her life as an accident. Hmmmmmm. So on one fine night in NY he takes her out for a drive and tells her: "Your debt is payed in full, tomorrow you can go home to your life, or you can stay and marry me, because (check this gem) I LOVE YOU. I give you 3 guesses......

And from here my opinion of this book plummets. The author ran the lead female character to the ground. She lives in constant fear of his reactions (and for good reason). Anthony never gave her any indications that he would change his ways, any indications that things would be different, or any indications that he would treat her as a human being. And she never, NEVER even questioned him. She just said yes. WHY????



They married, and things did not change, instead they lead to a finale that had my jaw falling trough the floor. (it was that good)

At first I was gutted, i felt so bad for her.... I was all in her camp, pom-pones, motivational banners, marching band...I mean the whole enchilada.

But then, after thinking about it..... She was gullible as hell, she never had a thought in her mind hey this is not how a marriage should be, this is not how love should be. She accepted whatever he dished out. Yes she was played and played well, but how much was her fault????

A. Rawlings is the ultimate EVIL DUDE. The author managed to portray a black, cruel soul in chilling detail. I am yet to find such a magnificently calculated bastard in the recent literary releases. He was a breath of fresh air.
The second novel promised retribution from Claire's side and i just got to know....