The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay I don't often read YA books. I don't hold anything against them, but the first-kiss-first-love stories bore me. And i have a damned good feeling it has everything to do with not being sweet 16 anymore. To each their own i say.

But.... This particular piece.... was amazing.

It follows a young girl starting a new life after an attack that almost left her dead. She was young when it happened, 15 years of age to be exact, she is still young 3 years later and suffering from PTSP. Her coping mechanism imploded from the point where she remembered all the details of her attack and she stopped talking.

In a way this book is wrong... Her continued silence about her attack made it impossible for her to deal and progress, but that is the element that makes our story. Everyone deals differently with trauma and one can only remember the confusing times that were our teens and know that for a teenager it would be so much worse.

The only YA element of this story was the characters supposed age. Everything else i could relate to. It was dark, it was emotional and it was amazing.

I will NOT wax poetic about the important details, there were too many, but it will suffice to say read the damned thing!!! It's a good story.