Iced - Karen Marie Moning I love Fever, i reread the books twice that should say something. But even in Fever i did not like Dani that much to be honest. KMM is a good writer, i love her style, never a dull moment with all the chasing, killing, magic and passion.

I will agree with the masses, Dani is just too young. 14 to be exact. It was a fact that was in my head constantly and kept me from fully enjoying this book. I kept waiting for her to fall trough the mirror, and emerge 5 years older. She didn't.....

Another thing is that even with the tender age of 14, she shouldn't be so godamn clueless.... Yet she is. 14 is young, yes, but not so much that you are completely unaware of the sexuality around you. How many teen girls had kids by the time they were 15? I do not condone it, i believe it's waaaaay to young but it proves a point.
I dislike the fact that she is able to piece together a CRIME SCENE, that has people fucking in it but cannot get the blatant sexual innuendo slapping her in the face constantly. Out of sheer self-preservation, a person picks up the vibes of the people around them. FAIL, BIG ASS FAIL!!!! Moning messed up with this element completely....

KMM said herself that she will be playing with certain elements that would be controversial, and i wouldn't mind, just go for it. I like it when the authors have guts to stir things up, but this did not impress me. Dani is not a child and not a woman either. She is aware of the scenes surrounding her- like the Kiddie Subclub, witch disturbs her. So Moning proves her awareness of sexuality. Her rant to Ryoden about Jo concerning their relationship proves another point, that the kid is wiser then her years. Then Moning does an 180 with the "Gee, I don't know why is he looking at me like that?" and "He wants something, and I don't know what that is...."


Either the kid is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world with a quick mind (that understands her surroundings) focused on tomorrow, or the kid belongs in a playpen... In case of the latter don't write any more about it....I don't want to know how many kiddie abusers will there be in case we get run over by faeries any time soon.