Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas The "British Psycho Saga" continues...


Ava and Jesse are back and they're sicker then ever!!!!! In the first book i was more then amused with Ava trying to figure out her attraction and the confusing man in front of her. In the sequel i had the "pleasure" of watching her final vertebrae dissolve, leaving her a spineless puddle of feminine stupidity laced with the worst case of denial EVER!

To sum it up: They have been together a month-ish... In that month he vanished on two occasions. First was a 4 day thing witch resulted in an alcoholic fuck-fest, second a 5 day thing witch resulted in an alcoholic coma. (wow what a guy, right?)

In the duration of that one month, they fought, constantly, and fucked, when they did not fight.I dunno about you, but i don't see the time to get to know one another in what time they had left.

He is soooooo controlling.... the author says..... constantly. That word appeared over a hundred times in the book. So I'm thinking OK! Let's elaborate on the controlling!

He confiscates her car, her birth control pills. Invades her personal space (not talking pussy here) and her private time. She can't see her ex to pick up her stuff, she can't see certain clients at work(and that's just the tip of this iceberg). And all the while he: works in a environment where he is surrounded with the women that were his lovers at some point. But don't ask him about it, in his words that doesn't matter. He keeps running back to the Manor at the first sign of things not going his way to be coddled by a women who-you guessed it-he slept with, but it doesn't matter because she's nice and just a friend.(never the fuck you mind that she is a scheming, conniving bitch who hates the woman he oh so loves). He keeps a separate personal existence behind her back and doesn't want her asking questions about anything because it's not her business. Arrogant, self-absorbed, immature drama queen!

Controlling is NOT the word i would use. I am certain that there isn't a one word diagnosis for what is wrong with that. Well maybe PSYCHOTIC.

Other things that brought the eye-rolls full force were. Swearing. She says fuck or shit and he yells mouth! But they both swear, and do it all the time. The stupid countdown to "sense fucking"!!! Seriously???? This is why i called Ava spineless. She dares to have a thought that's her own and not focused on Jesse and he stomps his foot trying to get his way. When that doesn't work he screws her until she changes her mind. The man's junk must be golden!!!

These are just a few of many idiocies found in this novel. I think the author wanted to make it angsty, but i wound up feeling sorry for all of them, myself included for reading it.

Mess, this book was a mess.