This Man

This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas In the beginning we had "The Psycho"
Then we had "The American Psycho"
And now we apparently have "The British Psycho!"

This book is difficult to rate...but i must say i had fun with Ava desperately trying to figure stuff out.

This story involves a young interior designer and a rich hunk. And you know how the story flies, instant spark, blah blah..
Anyhooo-Ava is instantly aware that something is off with him. I mean doesn't she own an account on Goodreads? If she doesn't she really should get one, and then she would known from the wide array of literate wisdom that:

a)If he is a millionaire
b)To good looking for his own good
c)Got an impressive package
d)Knows how to use it too
e)Is all that and not married or divorced by this time

There is something, oh, so wrong with him..

If she only spent some time getting herself acquainted with E.L. James, Sylvia Day or R.K. Lilley she would have known what to expect and act accordingly...poor baby....

But she didn't and here we are. Her love interest, our leading male, has displayed a wide array of disturbing behavioral patterns, that even a regular person like me can diagnose as severe and in need of immediate intervention by a professional. And in all honesty that is what got me turning the pages...Yes I have expected the final drama.(you can't have a trilogy of this sort without the heart-wrenching storm-off at the end of book one,always performed by our heroine) But i honestly thought it would play out differently. I dunno, maybe doors crashing in and a full medical team invading their apartment saying: "Oh excuse us madam, he escaped the loony bin some time ago, we'll just collect him and be on our way."

Now that would have been funny....alas it didn't pay out that way and our heroine got stuck with the knowledge that her man is an owner of one those places where all the middle aged people go to delude themselves that they're hot, sexy, special and worth it. (A sex club if you will)

Yikes for her, her boy is a hoe... so her gag reflex surfaces(for the first time i might add), tears flow, wallowing in self-pity and the works.... and the book ends...