With Everything I Am

With Everything I Am - Kristen Ashley Imagine if you will.... a woman attacked in the middle of the night in fer own home by strange men hell bent on rape, some serious maiming and possibly murder. Horrible isn't it? It would make a person very frightened.... But not our heroine...OH NOOOOO!!!

She wakes up after above mentioned attack to find herself in a house she thought was long gone, burned in a fire. The first thing she does is dry hump the guy that brought her there, but that's OK, she was half asleep and plagued by erotic dreams she had forever...we can forgive it.

Then in the next 24 hours he tells her he is a king of a different race of people and she is his prophesied mate. I dunno about you but I would have a few things going trough my mind... First would be how to contact the people who raised me to tell them I was held captive, second since my captor is going on about races and mating I would ask what is this race you are on about? Nop she doesn't to that either. She makes a half-arsed escape, not thinking of taking a cell phone that is in the cabin but running away to a cave about 20 feet away and bedding down for the night. (???!!!) Moving the fuck on...

After being brought back by our super, alpha, macho, sex god king she meekly accepts everything she hears (including that he fucks around) and decides that the best way to handle this situation would be putting up Christmas decorations and baking cookies.... So it's snowing outside, right? How much you wanna bet her IQ is lower then the outside temperature?

I truly detest spineless women who don't know their own worth. I mean she allows some random guy to storm in her life, take over every fucking aspect of it and tell her what to do in every moment. He was even like: My man just ran 20 miles woman, get to the kitchen and make him a meal. So he turns to his friend and asks, you want her to grill you a stake? I would see red at that point complete with empowered fire breathing dragon female rage, and most probably shove a frying pan up his ass for good measure.

I am only a few chapters into this book and I have to take a break, I will attempt the rest tomorrow...so far I am NOT AMUSED.

No....It doesn't get any better, it gets oh much much worse.....

So it's been a total of three days, Sonia has been claimed and then taken to meet the rest of Callum's people. As the couple proceeded to the throne room Sonia was briefed on “protocol”. To sum it up, do as you are told and shut up. She sat in his lap for the entire time not allowed to say one single word. After spending the entire day like that they eventually get to her house and she's pissed. She tells him so. This is some of his response.....

“I, obviously, should have explained this more clearly earlier but I didn’t. Now I am. The queen’s duty is to support her king. You stand by my side or sit in my lap, however I want it, and you listen, you learn and then, after I perform my duties, which can often be not so much fucking fun, you’re available for me.”
“Available for you?” she asked angrily.
“Available for me,” he repeated.
“And what does that mean?”
“It means whatever the fuck I want it to mean.”

Oh and....

 “Right now, you’re going to perform your queenly duties by letting me use that sweet little body of yours to deal with my day and you’re going to love, every… fucking…  minute of it.”

He treats her like shit the entire time, like she has no brain, her thoughts don't matter, her needs don't matter. It got me fuming.

But then she starts to fight him off and it lasts for about one minute before she forgets everything and spreads her legs.

I am not finishing this crap....