Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas This book is a dark BDSM erotica. And it was surprisingly good. I've just started with Ms. Thomas and so far i like her work.

The story is about a young woman who wakes up to anybody's worst nightmare. In a room with no windows and at the mercy of a complete stranger.

What is a very important element of this book is that her captor doesn't speak to her. At all!! It added so much difficulty to Emily's position. It had me glued to the pages.

The ending I DID NOT LIKE!!!! At all..


I would have wanted some other sort of reconciliation, if there had to be any reconciliation at all. She could have gone ahead with her life or just plain go back and kick the hell out of the bastard. But the reason i gave a high mark to this book was that Ms. Thomas delivered in one way a true meaning of master and slave relationship. Not my cup of tea but very well done.