In Flight

In Flight - R.K. Lilley ***SPOILERS BELOW!!!***

This book was an amazing read, fast paced, hot enough to melt anyone!

But before i get into it in greater detail i must say that this is yet another book in the genre that has a lot of elements similar to the epic Fifty Shades of Gray.

1. Billionaire Dom with a dark past,James.
2. Virginal heroine, Bianca.
3. Instant possessiveness and obsession from James toward Bianca
4. Stalker tendencies
5. Introduction to James's ex lover and current friend (with whom our hero shared his sexual lifestyle for some time) that leads to a painful rift between James and Bianca.

But don't get me wrong! This was an amazing book. One of the best elements was the fact that Bianca was a girl that suffered an intensely traumatic childhood, and grew up in a woman that knows what she wants. James might be the Dom in the bedroom but that is all the control that Bianca will allow anyone to have over her life. Outside of their play-area she stands her ground. She had a very reasonable emotional development and didn't get all calf-eyed after their first time together.
She kept herself grounded.

I loved the fact that James was so confident in knowing what Bianca needs in sex but intimidated by her as a person. It leveled out the balance between characters. I have a feeling that the second book will focus more on James and I can't wait to read it!!!!