The Portal

The Portal - Kaitlyn O'Connor I usually love O'Connor's writing but this particular book got my eyes rolling. The world building was better then expected and it was more action filled then most but the heroine was a disaster.

She is a scientist sent away on a mission to set up a portal on a new planet connecting it with Earth so that the good people of earth can cross over and save themselves from the natural disasters that were bombarding the planet.

Well something in space went oh-so-wrong and when they cross trough they realize it's been over a thousand years. The people of Earth have fled, and left behind genetically engineered half-breeds, crosses between human and animal. That part was good. Now the shit part. The heroine was so stupid that i honestly thought she should have been the goddamned cook or a laundry attendant with the amount of knowledge she possessed about anything. She kept making rash decisions witch were more spur of the moment, pulled out of her ass thing then anything useful that kept placing everyone else in danger. All that made me want to step in and bitch-slap her a few times. She kept whining about every single thing, witch honestly i couldn't say surprised me since her ability of processing the situations around her were powered by a single celled amoeba she calls her brain. Ah well, you can't win em all i guess.