Hunting Season

Hunting Season - Shelly Laurenston With Ms. Laurenston it's a hit or miss for me. Although i must admit it's more of a miss considering i wasn't able to finish any of her previous books. I stumbled across Hunting Season and got interested in the description and got all fired up, but got a tad deflated when i saw who the author was. But still boredom prevailed and i got a pleasant surprise.

A fast paced erotica full of paranormal beings derived from two different Norse deities. The dynamic between the characters reminded me of immortals after dark series and all that in a good away. But to my complete enjoyment it came in a way more steamier bundle.

One more massive plus for this book comes in a fact that not one of the characters spent any time wallowing in insecurities about their body. The whole: "OMG!!! He's so hawt and I'm so fugly!" routine is getting a little old. Finally a chick who doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks and is not allowing herself to be defined by whomever is doing her at the moment. Laurenston- atta girl!